Testing REST API

Nowadays it’s hard to find a web-application, which doesn’t use REST API. That’s an essential part of application functionality that we have to test. Usually REST API calls are covered with integration tests. However, if by some reason, it isn’t done you can still test it with Puppetry.

Let’s put it into practice. Imagine we have a marketplace application, which relies on Magento API.

To start, we check if product information can be retrieved. So we use page.assertRest as follows:

Here we assert that call respond with status code 200 (success) and the returned JSON matches the given JSONPath.

Now let’s do something more sophisticated. We are going to obtain authentication token.

The application calls integration/admin/token to obtain authentication token. So we set page.assertRest parameters like that:

We expect the response of status 200 with a non-empty access token.

Note that page.assertRest automatically assigns the response text to PUPPETRY_LAST_RESPONSE_TEXT template variable. So we can use it further in the test case.

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