Suite is literally a JSON file keeping suite-related targets, groups, test-cases and test-steps.

Create Suite

To create a new project you can press Ctrl+N (⌘N) or click on File / New Suite item in the main menu:
New Suite in the main menu
It opens the following modal window:
New Suite modal window
You need to specify suite name and press Create button. It will create a json file with name built from provided one and open it.
Optionally you can give a custom name to the file. Just click to open Specify filename panel:
Custom filename for suite

Record Suite

After you created anew suite you can either populate it manually or record it. To go with the last option, click on Record button in the footer of Groups panel:
Record suite button
It opens a new window:
Suite Recorder window: Initial state
Here you can
1) Select viewport
Select viewport combobox
2) Set a color for element highlighting on test pages
Color selector
3) Enter URL or test page and press ENTER. It will bring you to the specified page:
Suite Recorder window: URL entered
Now you can interact with the page (click on elements, type in inputs and so on). Any affected element will be automatically registered into targets. But you can right-click (or Ctrl-Shift-click) an element to register it into targets explicitly.
After Ctrl-Shift-click you will be prompted for a target name
You can also find recorder console below the address bar.
Recorder console
It prints all the user actions intercepted by the recorder. If you hover the console it expands showing you more of the log.
Recorder log
Left to the Create Suite button you can see an icon:
DevTools button
Click it when you need Chrome DevTools.
4) When you are done, click on Create Suite button in the header. That will bring you back to the Groups panel, where you will see a newly created Recorded group:
Recorded group collapsed
Let's expand the generated group and the test case:
Recorded group expanded
As you can see our interactions on the page recorded into a valid test case. Now let's switch to Targets panel:
Recorded targets
As you can see automatically generated targets named after their selectors. Besides, we have an explicitly specified target (AVATAR)

Open Suite

To open suite click on File / Open Suite item in the main menu:
Open suite in the main menu
It opens the following modal window:
Open Suite modal window
Here we select a suite from the list of suites currently available in the project
You can also use Project Explorer

Save Suite

To create a new project you can press Ctrl+S (⌘S) or click on File / Save Suite item in the main menu:
Save Suite in the main menu

Save Suite As..

You can clone a suite. To do it click on File / Save Suite As... item in the main menu:
It opens the following modal window:
Save Suite modal window
Here you just need to provide a name for suite clone.

Suite Options

In suite tabs you can find one called Suite options:
Suite options tab
Click on it to get the Suite Options modal window:
Suite Options modal window
Here you change the suite name and set up test run timeout (maximal allowed time for the entire test run)
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