Test Application

ACME Forum

ACME forum is an imaginary application built with NodeBB and used as an example test application in this documentation.


User navigates to landing page http://localhost:4567/ on desktop

Observe: main menu and teasers are visible

User navigates the landing page on mobile (iPhone 8)

Observe: main menu and teasers are hidden

Signup flow

User navigates to http://localhost:4567/register and fill out the form

User ticks on consent checkboxes on the following form

User click on Submit button.

Observe: the user is registered

When Require Email Confirmation switch in admin/settings/user panel is set ON the flow extends with account activation flow (learn more)

Login flow

User navigates to http://localhost:4567/login and fill out the form

and submit click Login button.

Observe: ACME header changed, now it contains user's picture.

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