Running tests

When we are ready with our test suite we can run the tests. Click on Run.. item in the main menu (or press F6).

Run tests menu item

You get Run reports modal window

Run reports modal window

By default Puppetry runs tests in headless mode, meaning it launches Chromium in background. You can make to run the tests in Chrome browser with Run in browser switch:

Chmonim options

This opens an input for Chromium command line options‚Äč

The modal window also allows you to select a target environment:

Selecting target environment

Finally we can select which suites we are going to run

After pressing Run button Puppetry opens panel Test report with test results. When test ran successfully we get a page like that:

Successful test run

If we click on Open directory with generated screenshots link we can see generated folder named after the test case where we can find the screenshot:

Generated screenshot

However if test failed the page look as follows:

Errored test run

If the error message doesn't clarify the failure enough, you can click on Error details link:

Test run error details