Managing Assets

Puppetry assets (targets, groups, test cases, test steps, variables, snippets) have the same management interface based on data-tables.

Adding Assets

To add a new asset you need to fill in the empty field(s) at the end of the table and press Add button next to it:

Adding assets

Inserting Assets

Alternatively you can add an asset to a particular position. Just hover the target record and right-click for the context menu. Select Insert item.

Inserting assets

Editing Assets

To edit an asset, click on Edit link next to the target record, provide new value and click Save button.

Editing assets

Cloning Assets

If you need a sequence of similar assets, you don't need to create each one from the scratch. Instead you clone one and adjust parameters of the clones:

Cloning assets

Removing Assets

To remove an asset, click on Remove link next to the target record. Choose OK for confirmation.

Removing assets

Disabling Assets

If you don't want to remove an asset, but temporarily exclude it for test run, hover the target record and right-click for the context menu. Choose Disable item:

Disabling assets

Drag & Drop

You can use drag & drop to move assets:

Moving assets


You can copy/paste any of assets:

Copy.paste assets

Besides, you can copy an asset in one suite/project and paste it in another. In fact, you can even copy an asset, save it in a text file and paste it later when you need it:

Cross-application copy/paste